Uploading results

Only 2 steps (keep both windows open for efficient work - Chrome browser is recommended):

Details :

The system is based on the result files that are automatically saved after each race. Your result files are stored under /Results in your VSK folder. Go to the first link and click the top button to locate your result file. Then click the "Get ranking input"-button. Click the button on top to automatically mark all the rows and copy them to clipboard. The screen will look something like this:

Now go to the second link to transfer the copied results there. Place the cursor in the upper left corner of the yellow area, then paste the results. When working in the sheets file, remember that the undo-button is your friend ! Use it if things doesn't look right...

When the result data is pasted, make any adjustments to the scores if necessary (usually it is not). For example if a boat shall be DSQ for barging etc. This is done directly in Column D. If a boat is disqualified, make sure to adjust the other scores accordingly. The numeral scores shall always go in sequence from 1. If the order is wrong, then a red warning box will occur. Make any notes in the blue fields and enter if the races was NPC, Custom or RRS. With RRS, it means that the race actually was open for protests during and after the race, and the sailors must have been informed of this with info text in chat. Example of a proper input below, and as you can see it doesn't matter if the first row is empty or if a DSQ boat is in the middle of the list, as long as the score values are in sequence overall.

When you are good to go, click the box "Click to score the race" and you are done.

PS! The first times you upload results, it's best to do it after all the races are done, as it will take some time. But once your are used to it, it goes really quick, and it's recommended to upload after each race. It actually takes less than a minute. At least the results needs to be uploaded the same day as the races were held.

Some technical instructions

  • Preferably the host shall have the latest VSK patch installed, which will give more information to the result files (xml-type), and also solves the problem with special characters in boat names. But the system also works with csv-files. Here are links to download the patch files :
    VSK5 | VSK5Online | VSKAC32
    Please note that these zip files include a new vsk exe file that should replace the existing vsk exe file in the vsk program folder. They are not install files.

  • One thing to note is that the host shall not save replays or do other things in the menu's while boats are crossing the finish line, as this lead to boats being left out of the result file.

  • The very first time you upload results, you need to approve 4 permission requests to allow the result script to run, as shown below (there is no security risk, only the google sheet will be shared) :

Information to the sailors from the host

It is useful to inform the sailors on the server before start that the races contribute to this ELO ranking. You may add a line about this on your autohotkey-setup together with your server rules.


When hosting races with protest option (rules mode RRS), it is recommended to do this in the following way, which is to be considered default:

  • All cancellations requests should be accepted (refusing to cancel a bad pen gives you DSQ)

  • Manual protests possible on the water by writing "P boatname"

  • No need to hail protest for a situation involving a cancellation request (but must follow the next instruction)

  • Protests / redress requests to be informed to the host within 1 minute after finishing

  • No redress for disconnections, but if a trusted skipper lose connection in a good position, the host may remove the skipper from the score file.

  • In case of doubt for a situation which involves a VSK pen, the benefit of the doubt will go against the penalized boat

  • In case of doubt for a situation without a VSK pen, no boats will be disqualified

When hosting races without protest option (rules mode NPC or Custom), you still may DSQ boats for violations of RRS Rule 2 - Fair Sailing. Please check the information page for a definition. No need to inform the sailors about this in the race chat. It is optional as it's you (the host) who decides the policy. It is basically the same as kicking a skipper from the server that you observed barging's while racing, but now you can also take the ones you did not see with your own eyes, but maybe got a report about in the chat.


  • Host on "normal" race courses. If the course has some fixed wind shifts or main direction different than the 8 standard directions, inform the sailors about this on a course intro (or course name).

  • Have a set of hosting rules and make sure to follow them fair and strictly.

  • Upload all races that are launched under this system.